Alligator Pie enlarge_image

Alligator Pie

Illustrated by Frank Newfeld

“You can almost hear the skipping rope slapping the sidewalk,” wrote Margaret Laurence  of Dennis Lee’s timeless poetry collection Alligator Pie. One of the first illustrated books published about Canadian children and featuring Canadian place names, Alligator Pie established Dennis Lee’s reputation as “Canada’s Father Goose” and has sold more than half a million copies since its publication in 1974. This classic edition, featuring Frank Newfeld’s instantly recognizable original illustrations and book design, includes childhood favourites such as “Willoughby Wallaby Woo,” “Wiggle to the Laundromat” and “Skyscraper.”

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Alligator Pie Board Book enlarge_image

Alligator Pie Board Book

Illustrated by Sandy Nichols

A slice of Alligator Pie-sized for little ones! One of the best loved Canadian poems of all time, “Alligator Pie” established Dennis Lee’s reputation as “Canada’s Father Goose” when it appeared in his classic poetry collection of the same name in 1974. Now Lee’s timeless rhyme is paired with striking artwork by Sandy Nichols, winner of a nationwide competition to find the perfect illustrator for the iconic poem. This special 40th anniversary board book will stand up to re-readings for years to come and is a must-have for every baby and preschooler’s library.

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Garbage Delight enlarge_image

Garbage Delight Board Book

Illustrated by Sandy Nichols

A delightful dose of “Canada’s Father Goose” for pint-sized poetry fans! Based on the title poem of Dennis Lee’s classic collection, Garbage Delight is a feast for the senses, a stew of sly humour and memorable rhymes. This sturdy, standalone board book edition features winsome artwork by Sandy Nichols, who previously paired with Dennis Lee to create the bestseller Alligator Pie, and is a staple item for every toddler’s bookshelf.

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Melvis and Elvis enlarge_image

Melvis and Elvis

Illustrated by Jeremy Tankard

Canadian kidslit legend Dennis Lee’s first new children’s collection in more than a decade-in collaboration with bestselling illustrator Jeremy Tankard.

Melvis the monster

And Elvis the elf

Were hunting for books

On the library shelf-

One on the carpet,

And one in a chair,

So neither could see

That the other was there…

Melvis and Elvis is classic Dennis Lee, with more than thirty new poems for fans of his beloved collections, including the perennial bestseller Alligator Pie. This irresistible blend of narrative, word play, and pure nonsense, combined with Jeremy Tankard’s whimsical and energetic illustrations, will appeal to both the very young and developing readers.

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Zoomberry enlarge_image


Illustrated by Dusan Petricic

Zoomberry, zoomberry, zoomberry pie:
Zoomberry, zoomberry, now I can fly.

Who hasn’t dreamed of flying? In this enchanting story poem by Canada’s Father Goose, a grumpy wizard shares his secret spell for taking flight. Based on Dennis Lee’s poem “The Wizard,” from his acclaimed collection Melvis and Elvis, and beautifully illustrated by award-winning illustrator Dušan Petričić, Zoomberry is an magical bedtime adventure that will take readers soaring through nighttime skies.

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Bubblegum Delicious enlarge_image

Bubblegum Delicious

Illustrated by David McPhail

This boisterous collection of schoolyard and street rhymes surprises the reader at every turn of the page, veering from silly, bouncy rhymes to poignant bedtime verse. The beautifully illustrated adventures of a boy, his beloved dog and a winsome collection of bugs create a satisfying visual narrative. You’ll quack like a duck and You’ll smell like a truck So eat your nice sandwich Of goober and guck!

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GarbageDelight enlarge_image

Garbage Delight

Illustrated by Frank Newfeld

Peppered with regional names, sing-song rhythms and a dash of wicked fun, Garbage Delight has been a staple on Canadian bookshelves for thirty-five years. Its forty-two superbly crafted poems offer a feast of silly, sassy and soothing verses for every taste, from the thundering “I Eat Kids Yum Yum!” to the more lyrical “The Coming of Teddy Bears.”

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Ice-Cream-Store-Cover enlarge_image

The Ice Cream Store

Illustrated by David McPhail

Young readers will fall in love all over again with Dennis Lee’s light-hearted verse, which embraces universal childhood experiences of every flavour, from digging holes to foreign lands to searching for the perfect pet. David McPhail’s gorgeous watercolour paintings capture Lee’s subtle celebration of ulticulturalism and offer a colourful feast for the eye. Oh, the kids around the block are like an Ice cream store, ’Cause there’s chocolate and vanilla, And there’s maple and there’s more…

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The Cat and the Wizard enlarge_image

The Cat and the Wizard

Illustrated by Gillian Johnson

No one needs a wizard and his old bag of tricks—until the day he meets a black cat with a spiffy hat and a lonely heart. Together they share a magical night in Toronto’s Casa Loma castle, enjoying a candlelight feast of tuna and wine and the company of new friends. Originally published in Lee’s 1974 collection, Nicholas Knock and Other PeopleThe Cat and the Wizard enjoyed a second life as a much-praised picture book and is now available from HarperCollins.

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